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The Pupil Council are selling Crawforddyke stationery, gym bag, water bottles and foam fingers every Friday afternoon.

Small PC Shop

House Bagdes ~ 20p

Pencils ~ 20p

Shopping Trolley Key Rings ~ £1

Pens ~ £2


 Small PC Shop 2

 Water Bottles ~ £2

Gym Bags ~ £2

Foam Fingers ~ £3





Please click here to view our February newsletter.


Also, the Parent Council have issued Edition 4 of their newsletter, therefore please click here to view this.

I am delighted to announce that our new school app is now ready!

If you do anything during the holidays, please download this app! Instructions can be found on the picture below how to do this.

Please remember to “allow” push notifications from this app so that you can get all the information we send to you. Leaflets with a full explanation on how the app works will follow in the New Year. Until then, all you have to do is find the app in the App Store or Google Play, search for Crawforddyke Primary School and wait for your first message!

We will be running a wee competition in the New Year to encourage as many of you as possible to get this – it really is the way of the future! Facebook look out!!


App Central

Due to icy conditions, the playground will sometimes be closed. If the gates are closed,  please can all pupils and visitors use the main school entrance. The car park will be salted, but due to the continuing cold weather will still be slippy. If you are accessing our car park, please do so very carefully bearing in mind that children will be crossing at any point.

#our Bags of Help project is now finished. Thanks to @Tesco for the funding.

Tesco 3

Representatives from the Gala Day Committee visited the school yesterday.  We are delighted to announce the following children were chosen:

Tammy Babes - Maid

Sophie Cox - Maid

Brodie Davies - Escort

We are sure they will have a lovely day.

Day four at Lockerbie Manor, the sun was shining today but there is still lots of mud around. All the children have been shining stars today at archery, crate stacking, fencing, high ropes and survival skills. The pizza and ice cream went down really well for dinner and all the children are busy getting ready for the disco tonight. Their dancing shoes are on and they are all raring to go. The mammoth task of packing will be fun later! More photos are in the Lockerbie section of the photographs.

Today the sun shone and so did the boys and girls of Crawforddyke. All enjoyed another dip in the pond as we learned to paddle board and build a raft. It was great fun and everyone had a go! Some of us were fencing today and mountain biking while others were crate stacking and doing archery. We are looking forward to our last activity tonight and then a group quiz. Mrs Orr has arrived and is looking forward to abseiling. Good luck Mrs Orr!

Today the weather was wet and so were we! We started the morning off with a hardy breakfast and then headed down to the lake for some fun on the water. Kayaking and canoeing are definitely another two sports that we can report that Crawforddyke excel in as all children learned to sail with expertise! There were a few who landed in the water but everyone had great fun!

After lunch we were mountain biking, abseiling and climbing. The zip wire was also a great success as everyone, even the teachers, had a go! We are now tucked up in bed exhausted! Some more photos have been posted in the Lockerbie folder for everyone to enjoy. See you soon!

We all arrived safe and sound and got straight into having fun and getting messy with the Manor Olympics.  The dinner was fab and there were lots of clean plates.   After dinner it got very dark and some of us did a tricky obstacle course while others learned how to survive in the forest.  Everyone is tucked up in bed and hopefully will be asleep until morning.  Photographs have been posted in the photograph tab of the menu.



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